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Linda Priebe

64 Freetown Road
Raymond, NH 03077

(603) 895-2439

​Serving the Greater Raymond Area
• Fully Licensed & Insured
• State License # 6038

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    Overview of Services  

    Preschool/child care centers are special places. A center becomes even more special when it is created to serve a unique age group. Here at Crayon Campus, we now accommodate children ages six weeks to 7 years old.
    We are now accepting infants and toddlers! We strive to have your precious children feel like they are at their second home here at the Crayon Campus. 
    Preschoolers are usually most responsive to hands-on activities where they can engage fully. Our teachers accept this and design their classroom spaces with “learning centers”, which are designed to allow children to freely choose where they would like to explore. Young children seem to learn best when trained teachers build on the interests and abilities of the students. This reflects the currently recognized theory that endorses non-pressured, child-centered activities guided by an adult with a solid child-development base and strong problem-solving skills.  
    The preschool curriculum includes activities that are centered on communication, science, math, social studies, music, art, and large and small motor development. Dramatic play opportunities reinforce the learning of practical life experiences. We also invite visitors from the community to describe a career or hobby, including librarians, firefighters, dental hygienists, police officers or traveling pet farms!

    We Teach Trust, Initiative & Independence

    •  Educated, Experienced Teachers and Staff
    •  Focus on Gross & Fine Motor Development
    •  Fun, Child-Friendly Facility
    •  Low Child to Teacher Ratios
    •  Plenty of Interactive, Hands-On Activities
    •  Theme-Based Curriculum

    Initial Registration Fee     $25.00
    5-Day Preschool               $120.00 per week (15 hours) 
    Under 29 hours                 $8.00 per hour
    Over 30 hours                   Call for pricing
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